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Tachograph Remote Download

Tachograph data must be downloaded at least once every 90 days and driver card data – once every 28 days. Failing to comply with the regulation may result in considerable fines. Fortunately, with our solution, you can download tachograph data remotely and automate the whole process to never miss a download date.

Driver and
Vehicle File

Digital tachograph remote download solution allows you to download both driver and vehicle card data. As soon as the driver inserts the card in the tachograph, our system automatically checks, whether a download needs to be done and starts it, if necessary.

and Automated

Just set up a tachograph data download schedule that fits your business needs – once a month or a week, or starting on a specific date, e.g. the first day of the month – and let Mapon take care of the tachograph file downloads.

Integrations With
Tachograph File
Analysis Solutions

Downloading data is the first step to ensure tachograph compliance. You also need to analyze the data using tachograph file analysis solutions. Our system has integrations with our own Tachogram as well as idhaOnline and Optac3 platforms, that will allow you to gather and oversee all the necessary information in one place.

Tracking the
Calibration Dates

Digital tachographs require re-calibration once every two years. Integration with our fleet maintenance solution will allow you to receive automated service reminders for all the upcoming tachograph calibrations and avoid getting unnecessary fines during roadside checks.

Improved Planning
and Data Quality

Remote digital tachograph download allows you to plan routes and tasks for your drivers more effectively, as managers receive timely and accurate data on the drivers’ remaining working time, etc.

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